Welcome to Limerick Youth Archery Association!

We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation extension of the Limerick Bowmen, Inc. archery club.  

We strive to help your child maximize their potential within the sport of archery, whether that’s to be able to safely shoot a bow while enjoying a new hobby with family and friends, getting out in nature to have a successful archery hunt, or even to be able to compete with archers nationwide in competitive organizations like the S3DA, the ASA, the IBO, USA Archery, or the NFAA (to name just a few!) Our coaches are here to help you and your child reach their goals.  

We offer introductory classes that will take your child on a journey to learn first and foremost, the safety of the sport, along with an introduction to each of the three disciplines with a lots mini games and fun nights mixed in to keep them interested and wanting to come back for more.  The Competitive Team Practices are more detail oriented, and will include theory as well as focusing more on one-on-one instruction to allow for improvements to help your child be ultra competitive. 

If your child is interested in taking their love for archery to the next level to begin competing, reach out to our Program Coordinator, Bethany Gerhart, via phone at ‪(484) 962-0621‬ or email at bethany@limerickyoutharchery.org to discuss the program further.